Bay Mills Housing Authority

3095 S. Towering Pine     Phone 906-248-5524              Fax 906-248-5571         Cheryl A. Causley, Executive Director

     Bay Mills Housing Authority operates 94 rental units.  Housing Authority currently has eight one bedroom apartments, 24 two bedroom apartments and 44 single family homes for low income tribal member families.  They also have 18 fair market rental homes.  The fair market homes are for individuals who are over income for the low income rentals or non-tribal members.  Applications for rental units can be picked up at the Bay Mills Housing Authority office.  BMHA runs at 100 percent occupancy all the time.  Applicants will generally have a substantial wait time from the time an application is turned in completed and when they are selected for a unit.

     Bay Mills Housing Authority has a full time maintenance staff of five.  Tenants can call the housing authority office from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to request maintenance work to be done.  Those individuals with emergency situations after hours can contact the maintenance staff by their cell phones after hours.  Those numbers are posted in the halls at the apartments or are given to all tenants at the time of occupancy.

     BMHA also manages 73 mutual help home ownership homes.  Mutual Help was a program through HUD to assist with home ownership when mortgages were not heard of on the reservation.  This program is no longer available now that mortgages can be obtained on trust land.  


Bay Mills Indian Community I.H.S. Water/Sewer Assistance

3095 S. Towering Pines            Phone 906-248-5524              Fax 906-248-5571

     The Bay Mills Indian Community in conjunction with Indian Health Services Sanitation Services annually offers a limited number of grants for tribal member assistance with the installation of water and sewer or septic services.  A tribal member can only be served once in a lifetime for these services.  The home must be located within Chippewa County and be a primary residence.  Applications should be submitted well in advance of the time the services will be needed as the total process takes several months before any work can start and only a few are funded each year.


Bay Mills Indian Community Utility Authority

3095 S. Towering Pines            Phone 906-248-5524              Fax 906-248-5571

                                                             Mike Baragwanath, Utility Authority Lead Operator/Ruth Schofield, Utility Authority Clerk

     Bay Mills Indian Community Utility Authority is responsible for the maintenance and billing for the community water and sewer services on the reservation.  Any problems with the system should be directed to these individuals. 


Bay Mills Indian Community Land Office     Located in tribal admin building 

  Phone: 906-248-8124   Fax: 906-248-3283

     Tribal members can request a lot from the land office of approximately one (1) acre on the reservation to be used as a primary residence.   A form can be picked up and turned back in at the housing authority office.  All requests are approved by the executive council.  Due to the lack of available land a tribal member must be able to put as home on the property within two years from the date the lot is granted.  If a home is not in place at the end of the two years the lot reverts back to the tribe for selection by another tribal member.