The Inland Fish and Wildlife program is still in the development stages since beginning in 2015. This program focuses on activities related to the 2007 Inland Consent Decree. In August 2007, Bay Mills entered into a Consent Decree with four other Michigan tribes, the State of Michigan, and the United States of America to cooperatively manage the inland fish and wildlife populations within the 1836 treaty area. The goal of this program is to contribute to the cooperative management efforts and conduct assessments on important species for Bay Mills Indian Community. Our wildlife activities for 2017 include waterfowl surveys, waterfowl and osprey nesting structure monitoring, trail camera surveys, and wildlife and vegetation inventories on Sugar Island. We also have plans for fisheries and aquatic surveys, such as wild rice monitoring, stream fish surveys and a walleye assessment on Monocle Lake. Now that there are two staff members in the Inland program, we are looking forward to developing new projects and collaborating on existing projects in our region.

For more information about this program, contact Bay Mills Biological Services.