Bay Mills Social Services Department


Amy Perron, (906) 248-8303 Fax : (906) 248-8566

Protective Services

The mission of Bay Mills Indian Community Protective Services Program is to assure children and adults are protected from physical/emotional harm. When parents and other responsible adults fail, and individuals are harmed or at risk that warrants intervention, Protective Services intervenes to assist in protecting the welfare of those involved. By law, the program has the responsibility to receive and respond to any complaint of abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or exploitation, maltreatment, or improper custody.

Austin Lowes (Prevention/PS Worker) 

Phone: (906) 248-8565      Email:

We've Moved!

 We are now Located in the Waishkey Building.

12909 W. Lakeshore Drive

After hours and on weekends use the Centralized Intake  number 1-855-444-3911. 

Foster Care

Long Term Care is geared toward the Foster Parent who wants to adopt permanently.

Short Term Care is geared to the Foster Parents who want to help a child in need of care and give them a safe place to live until they can ultimately be reunited with their parents. 

Both programs abide by Bay Mills Indian Community Ordinance IV which outlines Tribal Foster Care Licensing procedures. 

Daycare Licensing