Bay Mills Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health Services

o   Outpatient counseling services are provided to help people lead lives that are as emotionally and spiritually healthy as possible. Sometimes people seek outpatient counseling to deal with the death of a loved one, depression, anxiety, anger management, eating disorders, or family relationship.

o   Other times, people work with an outpatient therapist to improve the quality of their lives in ways such as learning how to manage job-related stress, encouraging positive behavior in their children, or improving communication among peers, spouses and relatives.

o   Services Include:

§  Play Therapy

§  Individual Counseling

§  Marriage/Couples Counseling

§  Group Counseling

§  Psychology Testing Services

Journey to Healing Program/Domestic Violence      

o   This program includes public awareness, education, training, and advocacy services for crime victims. The over-all goal of the Journey to Healing Program is to provide comprehensive support services to survivors and their families of domestic and sexual violence along with providing public awareness, education and training to the community.

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   Substance Abuse

o   Bay Mills Substance Abuse Program is an outpatient program for adolescents as well as adults. Outpatient addiction treatment includes education, relapse prevention, referral to other professionals or agencies, and follow-up. The addiction program is designed to intervene in substance abuse and related issues based on client needs.

o   Because family issues often impact recovery, family sessions are offered as well. This can occur in a group setting, or as individual sessions as needed for affected family members. For those struggling to cope with a loved one’s addiction, co-dependency counseling is encouraged.

o   Clients may be referred to seek addiction services by a parent, court, probation/parole officer, health care provider, or social services worker. Clients may also refer themselves. Bay Mills Substance Abuse Program is available to anyone who is in need of services.

                                  Access to Recovery (ATR)

o   The Anishnaabek Healing Circle Access to Recovery initiative provides vouchers to eligible people, struggling with substance abuse problems, to pay for clinical treatment and recovery support services.

o   The ATR program offers a variety of services to help support sobriety and promote a healthy lifestyle in recovery. Examples of support services are:

§  Counseling

§  Community functions

§  Cultural/Traditional Activities

§  Housing/Financial Support

§  Prevention

o   The general populations for the Anishnaabek Healing Circle Program are adults and adolescents (12 and older). The following criteria may to used to determine eligibility for participation:

  1.  Any Native American and/or Non-Native American person may be eligible.
  2. The program is open to people with a wide range of incomes.
  3. The grant provides a voucher to pay for substance abuse treatment and recovery support services.
  4.  Any other available sources of payment (insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, state block grant dollars, etc.) must be used first.
  5. There are limits to the amount that can be spent on an individual.