Boys and Girls Club of Bay Mills

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Welcome to the Boys and Girls Club of Bay Mills - Programs
Boys & Girls Club provides diverse activities that meet the interest of all youth.  Core Programs engage young people in activities with adults, peers, and family members that enable them to develop self-esteem and to reach their full potential.  Based on physical, emotional, cultural, and social needs and interests of boys and girls, and recognizing developing principals, clubs offer program activities in five areas:

Character and Leadership Development
2.     Education and Career Development
3.     Health and Life Skills
4.     The Arts/Cultural Development
5.     Sports, Fitness, and Recreation


The variety of programs we offer fit at least one of these categories.  Oftentimes, our programs can fit into several of these categories.  Here is just an example of the programs we offer:

Keystone-Is a teen-based program that helps develop good character and positive leadership skills among older Club members. The program allows teens to create and maintain high standards of character and citizenship, health and education in order for teens to grow to become responsible, productive adults. Keystoners will be able to part take in a community service projects that are planned by themselves with the help of the Club advisor.  

SMART Moves-Skills Mastery and Resistance Training…The SMART Moves prevention program is a National Boys & Girls Club of America program.  The goal of the program is to present kids with the skills and knowledge to make good choices about health, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, etc.  Current SMART Moves programs offered at the club are: SMART Kids (ages 5-9), Start SMART (10-12), Stay SMART (13-15), SMART Girls, and Passport to Manhood (renamed Man Up.  We also offer the parent and family support programs of SMART Parents and FAN Club (Family Advocacy Network).  These are intended as support programs to help parents help their children make healthy choices, to help families communicate, and to offer families the chance to get together and have fun.

Running Club-Is a physical fitness program designed to teach club members discipline and to keep them physically active.  During the winter months we run in the gym or in the fitness center located at the Waishkey Center.  During the summer, we run outside (weather permitting).  Participants must have a good pair of running shoes and comfortable clothes to run in.

TRAIL-Together Raising Awareness for Indian Life…This is a diabetes prevention program.  It is an educational program designed to teach club members about diabetes and the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.

This program pairs club members with an adult mentor.  It is a chance for individual club members to spend an hour a week with a caring adult.
 Power Hour-This program is our homework help program.  Club members have the chance to work on their homework with staff.  In the event that a club member doesn’t have homework, they can do worksheets, play education board games and computer games, read, or get any extra help they may need.  The Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley works with the EUP Learning Center by providing scholarships to club members who require extra tutoring services.