BMIC Biological Services needs help sampling


Submitted by Chris Parish

Bay Mills Biological services received grants from the USDA Veterinary Services to sample deer for Chronic Wasting Disease  and sample fish for Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia. Last year we tested3 4 deer for CWD with no positive results. This is the first year of sampling fish for VHS. We hope to test 70 deer samples and 240 fish samples. The fish samples will not be as hard to get as the deer samples. We will need to collect the head from your deer.  Buck, doe, big, or small it does not matter we want to sample as many deer as possible. We will come and pick the head up. If it is a buck and you want the antlers back we will cut the antlers from head and return them to you. Also please call us about the location of road killed deer. Last year we tested 7road killed deer. We just need the head. The names of people submitting deer heads for sampling will be entered into a drawing for an almost new ladder tree stand.

 When fishing if you get a fish (any species) with anything unusual give us a call we would like to sample it. It should be placed in a clean bag and put on ice, kept cold but not frozen. We need the fish within twenty-four (24) hours to get a good sample.

 If you would like more information about CWD or VHS feel free to contact Biological Services.

The testing is being done to keep Bay Mills resources healthy for use now and in the future.

 Please contact Biological Services at 906-248-8595.

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