The Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley is a local, autonomous affiliate of the Boys & Girls Club of America, whose mission is to inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens.

Registration at the Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley provides Club members with dual membership:  once they are registered, they may attend both Clubs.  Members 7 & up may attend the Brimley Club.  Members that are 5 and 6 years old may only attend the Bay Mills Club.  Incoming 5 year olds must attend kindergarten for 1 month prior to enrolling at the Club.

Youth Development Strategy
The Youth Development Strategy seeks to develop four basic feelings or “senses” in youth:
·       A Sense of Belonging

An environment where young people know they are welcomed and valued
·       A Sense of Usefulness

The opportunity to do something of value for others
·        A Sense of Influence

A chance to be heard and to influence decisions
·       A Sense of Competence
Pride from the knowledge that they can do something and do it well

Program Goals and Core Program Areas
It is the goal of The Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley to serve the needs of families, while addressing the special interests and concerns of their children.  The Boys & Girls Club provides diverse activities that meet the interest of all youth.  Core Programs engage young people in activities with adults, peers, and family members that enable them to develop self-esteem and reach their full potential.  Based on physical, emotional, cultural, and social needs and interests of the boys and girls, and recognizing developing principals, clubs offer program activities in five areas:

·       Character and Leadership Development

Aandaajimo…SMART Leaders (leadership-skill building)…ages 13-18
— SMART Moves…ages 5-9
— Mentoring…ages 5-18
— Member in the Spotlight…ages 5-18
— Youth Staff…ages 14-18, must complete the Human Resources process
— Youth Volunteers…ages 11-18

·       Education and Career Development

— Power Hour (Homework Help)…ages 5-18
— Aandaajimo…Graduation promotion, job-skill building, career exploration…ages 13-18
— Science Camp (week-long for 4th-8th grades; 1-day camp for k-3rd grade)

·       Health and Life Skills

— TRAIL (Together Raising Awareness for Indian Life, diabetes prevention education)…ages 7-11…healthy eating, diabetes education, nutrition, physical activity
— LifeSkills…3rd and 4th grade, and 6-8th grades
— SMART Moves, Drug and alcohol prevention education…ages 5-9
— Aandaajimo…The Truth About Drugs…ages 13-18

— Health Fairs, Health Screenings (new for summer 2015, funded by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund

— Making Proud Choices (Tribal Personal Responsibility Education Program)…focuses on sexual health and education…ages 11-18

·       The Arts/Cultural  Development

— Arts & Crafts…ages 5-18

Korean Cultural Exchange (week-long special event)

·       Sports, Fitness, and Recreation
— Triple Play (mind, body, soul activites)…ages 5-18
— World Cup Soccer…ages 7-18 (week-long soccer tourney)

Program Philosophy

We at The Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley aim to give children the opportunity to participate in age specific and individually appropriate enrichment activities.  These activities will provide Club members with opportunities for friendship, skill development, self-esteem values, self-discipline, and respect for others.