Election profiles were submitted by each candidate for office and are featured here. Primary election will take place on Oct. 21 and the General Election will take place on Nov. 4.


Tribal Chairman

Incumbent, Levi Carrick, Sr.

            I want to thank Bay Mills for allowing me to represent them during this term in office as chairman. As this term is coming to a close, I would again like to represent you.

            When I ran for this position I ran on the stance of fiscal responsibility and leadership that sets long term goals to move Bay Mills forward.

            When we started at the end of 2013 we faced declining revenues in gaming and federal funding, like many other tribes in the state. Our finances were bleak and if we were to continue on the path we were headed we would be in dire straits. Since that time we have streamlined departments, combined positions, cut waste and made sure departments adhered to their annual budgets.

            2014 was a prosperous year, as proven with the positive general fund balance.

            Since we’ve turned our situation around we’ve been able to:

            • Raise the minimum wage of our employees

            • Provide funding to Head Start

            • Initiate a payment plan to pay back the elders fund for the loan they gave the tribe

            • Restored the wages of employees who sacrificed during our downturn

            • And, for the first time in years, we did not have to borrow funds to cover payroll during slow winter months

            We now have money set aside for emergencies if the need arises and our cash flow is at a point where we could make several payrolls even if we didn’t make another penny off our enterprises. We have made great progress in our financial stability, but our work is not done. This stability will allow us to work with the banks in the future to obtain any needed financing while obtaining quality interest rates. We are working on remodeling some of our hotel rooms and we are looking to self-finance this project.

            I have voiced our concerns regarding our treaty rights and environmental issues to the other tribes and state and federal governments, and we are working closely to make sure our rights are maintained.

            I have been honored to serve as your tribal chairman for the last two years and we have accomplished a lot during that time. I would appreciate your vote on Oct. 21 so we can continue to move forward and grow as a community. As always, my door is open for membership to stop by and ask questions, look at finances or just to chat. levicarrick@yahoo.com


Candidate, John P. Lufkins  

            My name is John P. Lufkins and I am running for Tribal Chairman. I am currently employed by Bay Mills Resort & Casinos and have been for the last 10 years. I also currently serve as Vice Chairman and have been on Council for the last 6 years. I reside in Bay Mills with my wife and our 4 children.

           I have been and will continue to be a strong advocate for our Gaming Enterprise. The tribe has had issues with board continuity over the last 3 terms and it shows over at the Casino. I feel that we need to put money into our existing operation so that we can continue to compete for market share. I also feel that we need to stop looking elsewhere for talent that already exists within our community when it comes to key positions for the tribe. We have the talent in the community and sometimes our jealousy overrules w

            Developing a long term plan for economic and housing development is something that needs to be done and agreed upon by the GTC. If we continue to run our community based on a 2 year term, it will just continue to be an issue.

            The tribe has always been envied by other tribes due to our ability to work together and overcome challenges. I feel we are losing that ability each and every day as we have become so divided. I can change that if I’m elected. I have always taken pride in my efforts to bring people together for the greater good. Over the last 10 years I have developed quite a few relationships with other tribal leaders and this is something I’d like to continue to work on while in office.

            I am honest, fair and understanding. Please consider me for Tribal Chairman in this upcoming election.

            I will be available for further questions, comments or concerns you may have. I can be reached via email at jplufkins@gmail.com or by phone at 906 322-5233. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

            Vote John P. Lufkins for Tribal Chairman


Candidate, Richard LeBlanc

Fellow Tribal Members,

            It is with great humbleness that I announce my running for the position of Tribal Chairman/President in this year’s tribal elections.

            I have nearly eight years of previous Council experience under my belt, including a number of jobs throughout the tribe spanning 21 years. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (Community Development emphasis) from NMU in 2012 and I currently serve as the Director of Security for the Casinos.

            I consider myself a detail seeking, organized and goal-oriented individual who believes that we as a community possess the skill, experience and education necessary to successfully run and grow our businesses and future pursuits. For years, we have be programmed to seek outside help to guide our business decisions. This comes at a high price and the return on this financial decision is debatable. I reject the notion that we must throw money at an outside opinion to tell us what we already know.

            The success of this Tribe will depend on its people! That’s the simple truth. And, if you entrust me to represent this great community of ours, I will do my best to ensure a clear and positive path for a more open, fair and trusting working environment where communication is a two-way street. That’s where great ideas come from.

            I’m not trying to represent myself as the perfect candidate. I have made my mistakes too. My heart was always in the right place and I didn’t always have the facts I needed to make the best decisions. But I have learned from those mistakes and I believe I am the stronger candidate because of it. I hope you think so too.

            Please consider supporting me in this year’s elections. I remain open and available to hear your concerns, field your questions and give you my opinions and ideas on how we as a community can take important steps to a solid future for us all. I can be reached by using my contact information below:


            Richard LeBlanc

            Facebook page: Richard LeBlanc for Tribal Chairman

            yellowbird60@hotmail.com     raleblanc@4baymills.com


Vice Chair
Candidate, Kimmi Walden

            As your Vice President, my goal is to foster a healthy community relationship. I would like to bridge the gaps between members, families, departments, and buildings by sharing our organization processes among us to best utilize our resources. I have compassion for helping others. I want to be able to use this drive to create a positive impact for our Community and families. Just remember all we need is will and determination to achieve all of our goals. I can facilitate this by encouraging you to express your ideas and concerns openly with all of us in a positive environment.

            Currently, I work for the Bay Mills Gaming Commission and have for over fifteen years. During this time I have worked side by side with many of our Community leaders and it has given me the passion to learn from them. These achievements have strengthened my ability to see how organization process works. I have learned how to research laws, conduct background investigations, communicate and develop, write, implement, and revise policies and procedures. These skills have developed my ability to make a sound decision.

            I earned several Associates degrees from Bay Mills Community College. My experience at our Community College gave me the confidence and knowledge to achieve a Bachelor’s degree from Lake Superior State University in Business Administration-Management. Education is very important in our Community, any type of training or education post high school is essential for us to succeed. If there is one thing that you can take away from this is that it is never too late to further your education through a college or training program.

            As a member of the Executive Council I would be in a perfect position to gain so much knowledge from our Community members, especially from our elders. I want to learn everything I can, so I can transfer that information to the next generation.

            Thank you so much for time, support, and encouragement. Have a great day!


Candidate, Randy Touchtone

            Hello, I am Randy Touchtone, and I am running for vice chairman and would like to ask for your support. I feel I have a lot to offer our Tribe if elected. I will bring honor and integrity to the council. Two years ago I felt our Tribe was heading in the wrong direction and was facing financial trouble. I stated then that we must diversify our financial base and create new revenue sources. Our financial troubles have become more stabile by making pay cuts, reducing hours, and lay-offs. Sadly nothing has been done to better to use our existing revenue resources, or create new ones. Here are a couple examples 1. We need to get the laundry department back. Getting rid of it has added $100,000 to our expenses. We should purchase machines 2 times bigger than we need so we have the ability to do laundry for other businesses, creating revenue or at least offsetting our costs, 2. We have to get our new dump truck working in town next summer for someone like Bacco. Working this truck for 25 weeks of summer will earn us $108,750. That is something we should not be ignoring. It is 1/2 the budget for the Public Works Department. We cannot continue to focus solely on the casinos and to depend on grants. There are many other revenue generating opportunities out there; we must start taking advantage of them. I feel our goal should be to support our tribal infrastructure without having to rely on grants or the casino alone. This is important because you can never be too sure what will happen in Washington, or with federal monies. If elected you will get a vice-chairman who is going to work hard for the tribal members and the Tribe as a whole. If you would like to ask me any questions please feel free to do so. My number is 440-8678. Thank You.


Candidate, Wanda Perron: Bay Mills News did not receive a submission by the deadline from this candidate.


Candidate, Stacey Walden

            Representing our tribe as an Executive Council member has always been a dream of mine. My mother and grandmother both served, along with many other strong women, and all have contributed to the success of this community. Of course, we want our fathers and grandfathers to represent us, but we need the wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers, too. We are the traditional caregivers; we are smart, professional women with compassion; we are selfless, hard-working family leaders that do not give up. The whole community will benefit by having strong women represent us.          

            Over the years, specifically the past two, I’ve witnessed how difficult the position is. It’s a delicate balance between making a popular decision and making the right decision. I’ll strive to maintain that balance, and I guarantee I have the heart and the mind for this job. I will speak to all members with respect and recognize that everyone makes a valuable contribution to our community, no matter how big or small. I will approach every decision with an open attitude. I will listen, gather evidence, ask questions, and make my decision based on what will provide the greatest benefit for the most members. I will stand up to those who think there is only one way to succeed. I’ll ask them to consider all alternatives and encourage the right decisions, rather than the easy ones.           

            I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University and I’m currently in my second year of the Master of Science in Administration program there. I’ve been a member of the Bay Mills Gaming Commission since 2008, proudly representing our tribe’s gaming regulatory efforts at home, in new cities, and the Supreme Court. I am an employee of the tribe, humbly giving 19 years of dedicated service, 17 of them with the Human Resources Department. I started as a Recruiter and I’m now the Benefit Administrator. Excluding labor costs, I manage the tribe’s largest expense. I’ve helped the tribe navigate Health Care Reform and national trend of increasing health insurance expenses. I take pride in my work, my home, my family, and my education—all of which have made me into a strong woman. I take pride in my tribe and my role in it: there is no other place I’d rather be.

Please choose me to represent Bay Mills.


Candidate, Duane (Petsy) Parish, Sr.

Dear Tribal Members,

            My name is Duane (Petsy) J. Parish Sr. I am running for the Seat of Secretary to sit on the Bay Mills Executive Council.   My wife is Rebecca (Becky) M. Carrick we have married for 26 years. We have 5 children between us 3 boys (men), 2 girls (ladies), and we are in the process of adopting 2 great-nieces.

            I would like to see the Council bring MORE jobs to the Community, to assist more in aiding small businesses, perhaps another Dump Truck, and let’s get our teenagers more involved— LOOK AT OUR FUTURE-. I would like to see KINGS CLUB CASINO promoted more, it is where it all started.

            I would appreciate your vote for Secretary of Bay Mills Executive Council

            Thank you


Bay Mills News did not receive submissions from candidates: Anthony (Tony) LeBlanc, Wayne Carrick, and Jeremy Miller.


Candidate, Joshua Joseph

            I would like to start by saying thank you to my family, friends and fellow tribal constituents. My name is Joshua Joseph. I was born at War Memorial Hospital in Sault Sainte Marie, Mi. on 09/24/1975 to Faryl "Gus" Joseph and Julie Joseph. I have a younger sister, Monica and a younger brother Paul. I have one son, Tyler, who I raised as a single dad and now attends college in Petoskey.

            Like many of my brothers and sisters in the tribe I grew up "humble," to say the least. I have been around long enough to see our tribal members go from embarrassed to be Indian to proud to be Native. I have witnessed tar paper shacks turn into three bedroom homes. I have observed poverty, dependency, sickness, starvation, unemployment, physical abuse and depravity evolve into educated, empowered, hardworking, healthy, dependent, and loving members of society.

            Because of my distance from Brimley, many of you may not know me, who I am or what I stand for. To be completely honest, I didn't know myself until fairly recently. It?s been within the last few years that I have discovered things about myself that have made me more aware of setbacks within our people. I will never be hypocritical, self-indulgent or self-motivated.

            I work daily on being a more humble person who recognizes that I am nothing without the gifts loaned to me by our creator. I have come to realize that these gifts were not loaned to me so that I could walk around with an inflated head, bloated pride or false self-esteem. These presents are not for me at all. They are and always were intended for you! So, with that, I ask for your forgiveness for not recognizing these facts sooner. I ask forgiveness for being distant, prideful, uncaring to others needs and full of mistrust, disdain and disregard for the well-being of those that needed and deserved an advocate.

            Please be assured that I am highly capable and qualified for the honored position of treasurer. I bring many years of successful business management to the table along with a keen understanding of people and team building skills. I am fundamentally adept and hardworking but above all else, I am sincere, caring and willing to sacrifice myself for the betterment of our people. Please call with any questions. (906) 440-4030

Candidate, Albert Bertram

            Greetings Bay Mills,

            I, Albert Bertram, would like to formally announce my candidacy for Treasurer. Since the last election cycle, I have completed my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with an accounting concentration. My education experience, combined with my professional work experience as the Finance Specialist of the Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office, will be an asset to the tribe and community. Having been a member of the community for the majority of my life, it would be an honor to serve in this leadership position. Any questions can be directed to me in a private message on Facebook or to this email address: AlbertBertram22@gmail.com. To better introduce myself, I prepared a Youtube video to provide more details about myself. The video can be found at the following URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=josCZixc-Lk I look forward to having the opportunity to better serve the community through data driven decisions made with integrity, honesty, and understanding.


Candidate, Joseph LeBlanc

            Dear membership,

            My name is Joe LeBlanc and I am running for the position of Treasurer. Four years ago I had the honor of representing this tribe as Vice -Chairman. I chose not to be considered for re-election two years ago due to a great opportunity within my employment. My words will be brief. I offer honesty, fairness, and integrity. Council decisions should always be made with the tribe as a whole in mind. Bay Mills has once again drawn the attention of the state and country with recent court decisions. We need a council which is best suited to represent this tribe. I will stand by any decision I make and won't vote "yes" on something I don't agree with. The membership is important to me. This is our tribe, you are my people, you are family. Please consider me in the upcoming election.

Mii gwetch.


Bay Mills News did not receive submissions from candidates Brenda Bjork and Della M. Keenan.


Candidate, Gail (Solberg) Glezen

            My name is Gail (Solberg) Glezen and I am running for Bay Mills Tribal Treasurer. Who am I and why should you vote for me? Good question. I have worked for the Bay Mills Indian Community since April 1999.   I pride myself on being the one who works in the background to get things done.

            Prior to working for Bay Mills, I spent many years working in the financial field. I have worked for several financial institutions holding just about every position there is. I started out as a teller, worked my way up to a retail lender, small business loan specialist, branch manager, and regional manager. My decision to run for treasurer comes out of a desire to serve my tribe in a capacity that I have experience in. I have also been a licensed realtor, and EMT, and I have served on the Bay Mills Gaming Commission for the last 14 years.

            In my years working for Bay Mills, I have assisted many tribal members in their quest for home ownership. I work diligently to help those who need and ask for assistance whenever I can.

            I believe our tribe is at a crossroad. There are decisions to be made that will not make everyone happy, but if it is best for the entire tribal community, then that is what needs to be done. I believe we need to look at the big picture, not just tomorrow, but 5, 10, and 20 years down the road. What is decided today will affect everyone for years to come.

            Gaming has been our main source of revenue to support our governmental operations for many years. It will continue to support tribal interests. While large expansions may not be the answer right now, or ever, we must maintain a superior quality facility and superior customer service to set us apart from the casinos that surround us.   We have too much already invested in this industry to let it deteriorate.

            We also need to look towards diversification. There are other revenue generating avenues out there. We need to start out small with one at a time and expand as they prove profitable.

            I respectfully ask that you vote for me on election day. I am not going to make promises I cannot keep just to get a vote. I will be honest and fair. Thank you for your consideration.

(906 440-4612)

Candidate, Casey Lanz (Munz)

            Boozhoo. Ningaabibinesikwe nindizhinikaaz. Gnoozhekaaing ndojeba. Miigiz dodem. Hello my name is Western Thunderbird Woman. I am from the Place of the Pike. My clan is eagle.                     

            My feet have always felt they belonged here. I love this place and the people. My family suffered the history of the orphanages and boarding schools, that is a chapter you must ask of them, but it begins my story.

I grew up in southern Wisconsin. I graduated from Madison West High School in 1994 and then attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. I returned to “my home” in 1995 and knew in my bones this was the place in the universe where I belonged.

            I graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2002. I’ve worked for Bay Mills Indian Community since 1996 except for a hiatus in 2010. I’m currently employed in marketing.

I am humbled by this experience. I marvel at the willingness to be involved in the process by all the candidates. I am proud to call this place home. I wish everyone during this election season “good luck”.

            To be continued…


Candidate, Pat Kinney

            Hello Bay Mills,

            My name is Pat Kinney and I am running for councilman.

            If elected, I will work for the people of Bay Mills. Thanks.


Candidate, Brianna Hascall

            My name is Brianna Hascall and I am currently running for the Councilperson position for our tribal board. First, I’d like to say thank you to our community for letting me run in this upcoming election. I am the daughter of Bryan and Carolyn Hascall. I also have a young daughter named Luna. I am working in Surveillance at Bay Mills Resort and Casinos. I graduated with the Brimley class of 2011 and am a 2014 graduate of Bay Mills Community College. At this time I am going back for a post-Associate’s Certificate in Corrections.

            While working for Bay Mills Resort and Casinos in various positions, I have observed the role of education throughout the workplace. In the past we have fought to bring education to the forefront of our community, but as of late it seems as if it is dwindling. For instance our educational incentives have disappeared even when they were the most helpful for our students. I myself have been the recipient of these incentives, and used them to help pay for continuing my education. I believe that we should work towards getting these grants back for the students in our community to lessen potential debt.

            As a young tribal member I would like to be the voice for future changes to be made in the community. I’d like to see more of our youth come out and have the opportunity to share ideas and reach out for the betterment of the tribe. I would like to promote opportunities in the community for volunteer services. As a Health and Fitness graduate I would like to see an integrated program that improves employee wellness.

            During my college career, I developed a wellness program for women in the area to increase awareness of being healthy while pregnant. I have also taken initiative to learn and expand my knowledge about several departments in Bay Mills Casinos. I actively try to attend any tribal meetings to keep informed about our current issues and changes.

            If elected as councilperson, I will use my integrity as an honest and trustworthy person to make the best decisions for our community. Once again I would like to thank the community for giving me the opportunity to run for councilperson. I hope to see you all on election day to voice your opinions.


Candidate, Angela LeBlanc Johnston

            Dear Bay Mills Indian Community;

Greetings. I am writing this letter to officially announce my intention to run for the position of Council person.

            I know that each of us has different ideas and views of what needs to happen in our Community, and we are all unique because of our own personal life experiences. However, we all have one thing in common, and that is the future of our people.

            As a community we need to accept our failures and learn from them. We are going through troubled times now but, none of these problems are too difficult to overcome. We have a lot of talent in our community, and we need to start utilizing this talent for the betterment of our community. That is one of the main reasons that I am running for Council. I want everyone’s voice to be heard equally. My desire is to listen, learn, and attempt to unite our Tribe. I will work towards seeing this Community become a thriving healthy place for our children to grow up in. I am not willing to fail nor do I believe any of you are either.

            I am not going to pretend I know all the answers, or act like something I am not. But, if you vote for me I can honestly say that I will strive for everyone’s best interests, not just the elite. I will speak up and defend you all equally when needed. No individual is more important than any other to me. Every tribal member is important to me. I will respect your thoughts, your worries, concerns and ideas as we work together to achieve our tribe’s goals for the future.


Candidate, Kendal M. Perron

            I ask for your support for the position of Council Person for the Bay Mills Executive Council.

I have a Masters in Administration and have worked as the tribes Human Resources Director for the past 18 years which has given me great knowledge & understanding of the many difficult and complex issues that face the tribe on a daily basis. If elected, I will work hard at improving this tribe and keep it moving in a forward direction. Thank you in advance, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Bay Mills News did not receive submissions from candidates Leah Parish, Justin LeBlanc, Richard K. Parrish (R.P.), Terry E. Carrick, and Arlen Paul Kuzmik.