Kurt D. Perron, incumbent
Candidate for Chairman

            I would like to start by saying thank you Bay Mills. Thank you for choosing me to lead our tribe for the past two years. Thank you for the chance to try to carry on the tradition of selfless service to our community and thank you for the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a long line of great but humble leaders for our tribe. I would also like to thank the Executive Council members for their hard work, time and commitment in working together to make the tough decisions that we mutually discussed and decided must be made to improve our community and quality of lives. I would also like to thank the support staff and all the employees of Bay Mills Indian Community.

            I believe real progress has been made. Our financial condition has been strengthened and improved upon. We met all of our financial commitments for two straight years and our interest rates have been lowered. Our credit rating has improved and this has led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in real savings now and in the future of the tribe. It is allowing us to now finance and build a new hotel addition and gaming floor expansion which will also generate millions more in annual revenue, thereby increasing services and programs to our members.

            We do have challenges ahead of us with the federal budget cuts, sequestration, government shut down and an increasingly weak overall economy. Within these fiscal constraints we still are planning and preparing to continue to improve upon our financial condition and our community. Our casino revenues have retained their earnings at a higher rate than all other tribes in Michigan, who are all experiencing drastic decreases in their revenue. We are now poised and positioned to take the next step forward into a better and brighter future for all of us here in Bay Mills.

            Please lend me your support and your vote. I will not betray the sacred trust that has been placed in the position by the creator himself and between the people and their leaders.

            It has taking me many years to earn this position, I am asking for a few more years to continue to create the positive, relentless progress we have been working on. This is not a part-time or retirement job.

            Please lend me your support in this year’s election.