Levi Carrick, Sr.
Candidate for Chairman

            My name is Levi Carrick Sr. and I am running for Tribal President/Chairman. I have been a proud lifelong resident of this community, why I say proud; just take a look around you, look what we have here, look what we have done with treaty rights, gaming, housing, we have led the way for all of these issues and we can and will continue this leadership.

            I was the third police officer hired here at Bay Mills, following in the footsteps of two great men, Wade Teeple and Walt LeBlanc. In 1980 I was hired by the Bureau of Indian Affairs where I retired from as a Special Agent in 2011 after 31 years.  At the Bureau I completed many classes that I will call upon to help make the right decisions for our tribe. They include Contracts and Grants Performance, Manager/Supervisor Equal Employment, Total Quality Management, and Labor Relations for Managers, Advanced Police Management.

            I was also a member of the Bureaus Special Response Team for many years where I served as a team leader. As a leader I received additional training on leadership and teamwork, building a team that works together as a single unit that sets attainable goals and shares in the responsibility of attaining them.

            I was assigned to many complex investigations on reservations around this nation, some lasting as long as three months. Some included public corruption; others involved arson and many other crimes. These assignments too me away from family and friends at times where I missed many social events, like graduations, birthdays, and weddings. I am not complaining, what I am saying is I am willing to accept whatever this position demands or requires in accomplishing our objectives.

            As a Special Agent on our reservation I was tasked with conducting investigations involving family and friends, I’ll be the first to admit this wasn’t easy, but my oath to the profession was first. In these and other investigations, I was not the judge; I gathered the facts and presented them for review.

            We don’t know much about our financial status at this time, because this information is not shared freely with our members, I promise you this vital information will be public knowledge and I will lead an open and honest administration that is financially sound and living within our means.

            I ask for your support at this critical time for our community.