Vicki Newland
Candidate for Chairperson

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Tribal Chairperson of the Bay Mills Indian Community. I am Vicki (Bowen) Newland. I am running for Chairperson because, while our tribe has come a long way, I think we have reached a point where we need a new perspective on how to move forward.

            I am the daughter of Rob and Dee Bowen, wife of 32 years of Gordon Newland, mother of 3 grown children, Bryan, Holly and Rob and grandmother of Graydon and Meredith. I’m a sister to 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

            I grew up in Bay Mills, graduated from Brimley High School. I married, had children and worked right after high school. While having a family and a full time job was a challenge, I did not view it as a barrier to college. I enrolled in the new Bay Mills Vocational Education Program just 4 weeks before our first son was born. I attended classes, with him in tow. I enrolled at Lake Superior State University in 1986, shortly after our third child was born. I graduated from LSSU in 1999, the same year our son Bryan graduated from high school. I jokingly say that it took 13 years to obtain my 4 year degree. However, I believe this is a testament to my dedication and perseverance.

            I believe in setting goals and mapping out paths to achieve them. Only by setting goals and charting a course will we, as a Tribe, advance. It also takes knowing, evaluating and utilizing our strengths while recognizing our weaknesses. It takes reviewing all the information available before making decisions. And, it take courage to the make the difficult decisions that sometimes must be made.

            I have learned from my 20 plus years of administrative experience that moving ahead takes planning and teamwork. Success does not happen by accident. I believe in our members enough to provide them with information and opportunities to participate in this process. As a Community, we are all vital to its success. As Tribal Chairperson, I will use this philosophy to lead our Tribe and to make Bay Mills a place where we all have an opportunity to succeed. I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about my plans. Please take the time to participate in the success of your Tribe by voting on Oct. 16th and Nov. 6. Megwitch.