Justin T. Carrick
Candidate for Chief Judge

            To the members of the Bay Mills Indian Community, my name is Justin Carrick and I announce my candidacy for the seat of Chief Judge. I am the oldest son of Justin and Karen Carrick. I am 34 years of age and I have a beautiful wife (Joyce) with three wonderful children (Kendra, Justin, and Brooke). I have a fair amount of experience in the criminal justice system as I have worked for the tribal police department as an officer and also I have worked for the department of corrections. My experience with tribal laws and ordinances is derived from my employment with the police department, my current job with the conservation department and having served a four year term on the conservation committee. I am reasonably knowledgeable with our consent decrees, conservation code, tribal laws and ordinances.

            I live my life by standards that far exceed the minimum for this seat. If you elect me as your Chief Judge you will know exactly what you are getting. I treat people with respect and that will never change. I am considerate and impartial and I believe that it is important to keep all things fair and just. I respect the laws and ordinances of the Bay Mills Indian Community, and I will see that the integrity of those laws and ordinances are upheld with the highest respect. I love my community, this is the place that we call home and I will see that Bay Mills will remain a clean and safe place to raise our families.