Bryan Newland

Candidate for Chief Judge

Dear Bay Mills,

My name is Bryan Newland, and I am asking for your vote for Chief Judge.

I grew up here in Bay Mills, and I still call it home.  Because of the opportunities afforded to me by our tribe, and my family, I was able to pursue a higher education and a career in Indian law and policy.  While those things took me away from the community that raised me, my heart really never left. 

I am excited about the opportunity to serve our tribe as Chief Judge.  I believe that the law can be used as a positive force for change, and that a well-functioning legal system can be a great asset to tribal communities.  I have built my career on these beliefs.

In 2007, I graduated with High Honors from the Michigan State University College of Law, with a Certificate in Indigenous Law and Policy.  Afterwards, I worked for one of the largest law firms in Michigan and later served as an appointee of President Obama at the Department of the Interior.  Last year, I moved back to Michigan to establish my own law firm, and to be closer to my family and my tribe.  In my law practice, I represent tribes from across the country.  I have also been appointed to the Board of Trustees for the Michigan State University College of Law, where I also serve as an Adjunct Professor of Law.

I believe that this experience will help me to effectively serve as Chief Judge. 

If elected, I will promote “access to justice” in our community; meaning that I want to make our Tribal Court easy to use for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  This would include publishing tribal court decisions and tribal laws, and making it easier for tribal citizens to go through our justice process – even without a lawyer.  I would also work to make sure that our justice process reflects Anishnaabe values.

As your Chief Judge, I would conduct myself according to the highest ethical standards.  Ethics, fairness, and professionalism ensure that our tribal citizens trust our tribal court.

Our Tribal Court can be a valuable asset for our community, and can ensure that our tribal laws are enforced.  I would be honored to be a part of our tribal justice system by serving as your Chief Judge.  And I would be honored to have your vote.  Miigwetch.