Shelly Deuman-LeBlanc
Candidate for Chief Judge

            My name is Shelly Deuman-LeBlanc and I’m running for Chief Judge.  I was an Appellate Judge for 5 years prior to being appointed Chief Judge on July 1, 2010 until November 2011.  For those 6 years, I learned a lot about Tribal Law, procedure and its fair application and enforcement.  I have enjoyed the experience I have gained in this position and I would like to do more.  That is why I have chosen, once again, to pursue the Chief Judge position.

            I stand for fair but firm decision-making.  The law is supposed to work with the community, not against it. And I like to think of myself as having the ability to bring what is most important in a case to consideration…the people. But, I can’t and will not do this alone. To accomplish this, I must work with the various departments support staff and committees (i.e. social services, law enforcement, and child welfare) to provide a team effort to fighting crime, educating the public, and promoting a safe community.  After all, crime in Bay Mills affects us all and it’s going to take a community-wide effort if we are to effectively deal with it and realize the most important goal: a safe and proactive community.

            Times have changed in Bay Mills, and I feel it is important that our legal system recognize this fact.  More than ever, this community is faced with many temptations that could adversely affect the lives of tribal members and those that depend upon them.  In particular, our tribal youth is a sensitive population, and if we expect them to be law-abiding citizens, our efforts must begin with them.  That’s why I support an effort that demonstrates a safe, healthy and law abiding lifestyle with our youth.  As your Chief Judge, I would support the allocation of available resources to coordinate a concerted effort toward meaningful programming that would assist our youth in making positive choices or provide a tough but rewarding path for those with bigger issues.

            This community is my home. I only want what we all want. A safe community, but an efficient and active justice system to deal with those who need firm persuasion or tough love.  I believe my experience can provide this to the Tribe.  Miigwetch!