Lorri Burtt
Candidate for Councilperson


            I am a very proud elder of the Bay Mills Indian Community. I am age 58 and was the former Vice-Chairperson of Bay Mills, and the oldest daughter of Robert and the late Irma Parrish. I would like to share my background, ideas and knowledge in continued service to the Tribe.

            My experience and abilities are extensive and varied. I worked as a planner for the Tribe in the late 70’s then as Executive Director for the tribal Housing Authority and a city housing commission. I also worked for Michigan Indian Child Welfare in Traverse City in the early 80’s. I am familiar with audit requirements, federal regulations and program requirements. I’ve written a large number of grants and was awarded many millions of dollars for community projects. I managed over $2.5 million in yearly funding from federal/state/county and non-profit groups. All of this prepared me well for being on the Tribe’s Executive Council once again.

            These are a few examples of things I would promote on the Tribal Council:

            A Centralized purchasing/procurement/distribution center for all tribal programs and business is needed. This can provide profits by eliminating waste and taking advantage of combined purchasing power. Centralization and oversight could serve to eliminate potential fraud or abuse.

            I would like to add more in terms to accountability and transparency-more needs to be done. Financial statements and audits need to be readily available to our tribal members. I will promote the right to know. I will not walk away or shrug off legitimate problems our people are having. I will have regular office hours for weekly meetings with you to listen to your situation, problem, or concern.

            More needs to be done for the elderly, disabled and children in our community. More recreation and education opportunities for the young ones and expanded meals and chore services for the elderly and disabled are just a couple examples.

            Very little support is provided to our tribal members who own or want to own businesses on or near the reservation. The tribe should invest in its tribal members, including the young just starting out.

            Everyone working for the Tribe, in business and government, needs to make a livable wage. All employees deserve to be able to support themselves with what they earn here. A new and modern wage and salary system would be beneficial to the tribe and our employees.