Brenda Clor
Candidate for Councilperson


Aanii. My name is Brenda Clor. In this year’s upcoming election, I will be running for a seat as councilperson. Before we head to the polls, I would like to give a bit of background about myself.

            I am the daughter of Bay Mills tribal member Patty (Keith) VerWiebe and Sault tribe member Leslie (Tracy) Ailing. My parents were married in the fall of 1989. The following spring we moved to “the farms,” next door to my great-grandparents, Lehman and Peggy Teeple. In the fall of 1994, we relocated to the other end of the rez.

            I attended Brimley Area Schools from second grade until I graduated in June 2001. That fall I started classes at Bay Mills Community College. While attending BMCC, I became a tutor in both Math and English. I was also treasurer on student  council during the 2003-2004 school year. I graduated with my Associate of Arts degree Business Administration in May 2004.

            I am currently employed at Bay Mills Child Development Center as an Early Head Start Teacher. I started as a Head Start Teacher in October 2006 after transferring from Bay Mills Resort and Casinos. I made the decision to move from Head Start to Early Head Start in June 2009.

            Mitchell Willis and I have been in a relationship for nearly 6 years. We became engaged this past February. We have three children-Jonathan (13), Josephine (11), and Marie (3).

            Thanks for letting me share a little about myself and I hope you consider me as an exceptional choice as our next councilperson.