Dwight "Bucko" Teeple
Candidate for Councilperson


Greetings to my Community,

            I will keep this short, I would like your support and vote in my run for the office of Tribal Councilperson. I’am married to Michele Wellman-Teeple, and have four Children, Robin, Sarah, Ted, and Victoria. I’am a Vietnam Era Veteran, that served with the 82nd Airborne Division from 1969-1971. My education includes a Sociology Degree from Lake Superior State University.

            My Tribal life experience, includes growing up here on the Rez., and having experienced life and history of the Bay Mills Indian Community. My work history includes such jobs as Berry Picker, Pine Cone Picker, Bough Cutter, Fisherman, and many other seasonal employment opportunities.

            In Tribal employment my history includes, ANA Project Director, Assistant Director of MICWA, Resource Developer (Economic Development and Grant Projects) amounst other titles.

            On the Community Boards, Committees, and Organizations, I have been on Tribal Council as Vice Chairman, and Councilperson. I have served Bay Mills as a member of the Gaming Commission, Chairman of the Board of Regents, and many other committees. On the volunteer level, I have served on the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society and other organizations.

            I believe this history and experiences provides a solid background for the position of Tribal Councilperson. I would continue to do my best if re-elected that is all that I can promise. Bottom line, I will do what I feel is right and what is best for the Community. I appreciate the support and trust you have given me in the past, and will continue doing my best, if provided the opportunity in the future. Miigwech.