Executive Council holds meetings 

March 16, 2017

BAY MILLS — Bay Mills Executive Council met for regularly scheduled meetings on Feb. 27 and March 13.

All council members were present at the Feb. 27 meeting. No old business was on the agenda, so the council moved right into new business.

The council approved the Bay Mills Health Center’s Quality Improvement Plan, which listed projects and goals for the next few years. A raffle license for a fundraiser was also approved for the Ojibwe Charter School Robotics team.

A tribal member asked to be placed on the agenda in regards to a complaint he had about the legal staff. After it became clear this was a matter that was somewhat confidential, Secretary Stacey Walden urged the member to meet with them after the meeting as to not violate the privacy of the individuals involved in the court case.

Area resident Rudy Johnson addressed the council seeking a donation on behalf of a veterans group in Chippewa County. After much discussion about the goals of the program, council said they would like to discuss it further, but are interested in helping out.

A handful of gaming waivers were approved, with the council informing applicants that waivers should be taken seriously and there is no guarantee that they would get another one.

A discussion took place in regards to the lots in the Plantation Hills project. Vice Chairman Randy Touchtone advocated to move forward with issuing leases to the tribal members on the original lot list. Doing so would start the two-year clock that requires a structure to be placed on the property. Other council members were hesitant and wanted more time in hopes the tribe would hear back about funding for utilities prior to issuing leases. Touchtone said he had opened the road up to the area and there was no real reason not to start allowing lease requests.

After an at-length discussion, the measure was tabled until the next meeting.

The lots were also the hot topic at the March 13 meeting, which Chairman Levi Carrick was unable to attend.

After moving through a light agenda, which included approving budgets for IT and EMS, the tabled Plantation Hills measure from the prior meeting was up for discussion.

Currently there are 42 individuals on the original lot request map for the area that have confirmed their interest, with approximately 90 lots available. A secondary list, also known as the waiting list, has about 30 applicants on it.

After talking over the procedures in regards to lot assignments and leases, the council did approve the map with the surveyed lots on it. The second vote approved called for allowing tribal members on that original map, who have confirmed their interest in getting a lot with Della Keenan, to come before the council to get a lease.

Without a lease for the property, tribal members cannot improve upon the land, clear it, or cut anything down. If funding for utilities fails to come through, the cost for those utilities will fall on the lot owner themselves. Once a lease is assigned, the two-year clock for placing a structure on the land begins. If after two years a habitable structure is not on the property, the lease can be terminated.

Those individuals on the waiting list, also being called the secondary list, are next in line for assignments. Anyone who is on that list should contact Keenan and let her know whether or not they are still interested in being assigned a lot. Keenan can be reached at 906-248-8124 or dkeenan@baymills.org.

After that list has been assigned, the remaining lots will be assigned through a random selection process. It appears at this time there are more lots available than tribal members on the lists.