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B A Y   M I L L S   G A M I N G   C O M M I S S I O N

     The Bay Mills Gaming Commission regulates the gaming establishments owned and operated by the sovereign nation of the Bay Mills Indian Community. Tribal regulation and control of gaming activity within the jurisdiction of the Bay Mills Indian Community is essential for the protection of public health and welfare, and the interests of the Tribe and the residents and visitors to Indian Country. The Tribal Council charters, creates and establishes the Tribal Commission as a governmental subdivision of the Tribe through the Bay Mills Gaming Ordinance. It is with great honor and integrity that the Commission uphold the highest standard of regulation in how gaming activities will be conducted.

Mission Statement

     The Bay Mills Gaming Commission is a governmental regulatory entity appointed by the Bay Mills Executive Council. The Gaming Commission regulates all gaming within the borders of the Bay Mills Indian Community. The Bay Mills Indian Community is a sovereign independent Tribal nation. Regulation of gaming is essential for the protection of fair gaming, Tribal assets and interests, and the general safety and welfare of the public. It is with great integrity that the Commission upholds the highest standards of gaming regulation through our very own Tribal ordinance and systems of internal control.