Bay Mills Housing Authority

3095 S. Towering Pines, Brimley, MI 49715

Phone (906) 248-5524   ·   Fax (906) 248-5571


Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Mission of the Bay Mills Housing Authority is “To assure all of our Tribal Members the opportunity for quality, safe, and affordable housing, while addressing cultural and environmental concerns and, providing economic opportunities to our Tribal Members by building and creating a community our people will be proud to call home.”
Housing Laws and Land Ordinances

The Bay Mills Housing Authority offers several housing options for Bay Mills Tribal Members.


We have a low rent program for individuals and families whose total household income does not exceed 80% of the median income.

*Income Guidelines are posted here


*Low Rent Housing Application Process

  • We have 32 one and two bedroom apartments
  • 48 single family homes ranging in size from 1-4 bedroom
  • We also have 51 families in our Mutual Help homes (This is a program that is no longer offered by BMHA)
  • The Bay Mills Housing Authority also has 30 two and three bedroom fair market houses. There is no income restrictions on these units.


Bay Mills Housing Authority can also assist income eligible Tribal Members become homeowners. We offer credit counseling and can check your credit history. We assist both the Tribal Member and the Financial Institution throughout the mortgage process. There are several mortgage products available such as a USDA Direct Loan, HUD 184 Loans or conventional mortgage products. We can assist our Veterans contact VA lenders.


Bay Mills also offers a limited amount of Down Payment Assistance on a yearly basis.


*Down Payment Assistance Program



Bay Mills Members are also eligible to be served by AMERIND Risk, an insurance company owned by tribes in over 36 states. This section 17 corporation saves Tribal Members up to 15% of what non-Tribal insurance providers charge. They offer homeowners, renters, and content insurance.





Bay Mills Housing Authority office staff consists of:


Gail Glezen

Housing Director

Ruth Schofield

Billing Clerk

Kathy Ross

Housing Services Worker

Sara Toth


Nancy Weston

Administrative/Compliance Specialist

Kaitlynn Schofield



A trained and efficient maintenance staff of 5 are available to handle emergencies as well as taking care of minor and major repairs, upgrades and some modernization of Bay Mills Housing Authority dwellings and properties to assure our homes are healthy and safe.


The Bay Mills Maintenance staff are:


Shawn Lyons

Maintenance Supervisor


James Shaw

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor


Timmy Walden



Ben Bowen




The phone numbers listed above are to contact the maintenance staff AFTER hours and on weekends in case of emergency.


Please schedule non-emergency repairs through the Housing Authority office staff.





Bay Mills Indian Community I.H.S Water/Sewer Assistance


3095 S. Towering Pines     ·     Phone (906) 248-5524     ·     Fax (906) 248-5571


The Bay Mills Indian Community in conjunction with Indian Health Services Sanitation Services annually offers a limited number of grants for Tribal Member assistance with the installation of water and sewer or septic services. A Tribal Member can only be served once in a lifetime for these services. The home must be located within Chippewa County and be a primary residence. Applications should be submitted well in advance of the time the services will be needed as the total process takes several months before any work can start and only a few are funded each year.



*Application for Sanitation Facilities



Bay Mills Indian Community Utility Authority


3095 S. Towering Pines     ·     Phone (906) 248-5524     ·     Fax (906) 248-5571


Dennis Carrick, Utility Authority Operator


Ruth Schofield, Utility Clerk



Bay Mills Indian Community Utility Authority is located within the office of the Bay Mills Housing Authority. They are responsible for the maintenance and billing for the community water and sewer services on the reservation. Any problems with the system should be directed to these individuals. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


*Residential Utility Service Application