Quorum met, GTC meeting held

Jan. 26, 2017

For the first time since April 2016, the General Tribal Council met a quorum of the membership on Jan. 25. The regularly scheduled quarterly meeting had a number of items on the agenda, from adoptions to employee policies.

After approving the minutes from April, a motion was made to approve the adoptions that were recommended by the enrollment committee. Those that were denied membership were found to have no ties to the community.

Discussion then moved to the proposed Animal Control and Protection Ordinance. The ordinance was designed to address problems on the reservation in regards to dogs running at large, vaccinations, care, and licensing. Tribal members asserted they were concerned over the cost to license their dogs through Chippewa County among other issues. According to tribal member Laura Parish, who worked for the last several months with legal on the ordinance, the idea to use the county was based upon the fact they already have a licensing system in place. This brought on a discussion of why the tribe did not have its own licensing system or animal control officer. Ultimately the ordinance was tabled for consideration of the use of a tribal-based system.

Tribal members brought three employment policies that were previously approved by the Executive Council on Jan. 23 to the agenda.

The drug policy has been reinstated. The GTC agreed that drug testing should take place and also discussed what substances they thought should be included in testing. Anyone who tests positive will be provided the opportunity to get treatment.

The social media policy was also discussed. The policy was adopted based on the current policy utilized by Bay Mills Police Department. One point in the policy was to not use tribal logos or information on social media, which tribal members felt was restrictive as many departments promote their own events and happenings on Facebook. After a vote, the policy was approved, however Tribal Chairman Levi Carrick said the council would work on “cleaning the policy up” so the members’ concerns were addressed.

Enterprise will also have another change to their policies in regards to attendance and disciplinary procedures.

The Plantation Hills project was next on the agenda. Tribal members were encouraged to reach out to Della Keenan if they had previously put in for a lot in that area. While lots are not being assigned, contact information is needed for all parties for future plans. Also, anyone no longer interested in a lot should contact Della to have his or her name removed from the list. Keenan can be reached at 906-248-8124 or dkeenan@baymills.org.

 While a quorum count was called and the meeting officially ended, council stuck around to provide additional information to those who remained.

During this informational discussion, tribal members said they would like to see the minimum wage of the tribe match the state. Treasurer Albert Bertram said human resources has been tasked with a study to see what the cost would be to do so and the council would have more information in the near future. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.