Memo on Construction on BMIC properties

On May 11, 2020, Bay Mills Indian Community (BMIC) Executive Council (governing body) adopted a new Executive Order that allows the Council to apply five different levels of social restrictions  based on upon what the data and health recommendations reveal. Each level determines what actions will be enforced, when essential and non-essential businesses are allowed to operate, and most importantly, to provide guidance to create a safe environment to limit any potential exposure to the novel coronavirus.

As you will note on the attachment, level five has the most restrictions while level one does not contain restrictions. Currently, BMIC is at a level four. Level four does permit outdoor construction while adhering to social distancing. In addition, level four permits indoor construction work in vacant, or unoccupied dwellings. Since BMIC is currently at a level four, your firm will have permission to conduct construction on the Reservation once a social distancing plan is submitted and approved. Moreover, you will be responsible to monitor the health of your staff by conducting a health screening each day prior to arriving to the work site. Included with this letter is a questionnaire that several agencies are using to conduct the health screenings.

BMIC expects people performing construction activities on the Reservation utilize these procedures; therefore, your organization is required to adopt this practice prior to having your staff report to work each morning. The Executive Council and Tribal Administration are constantly monitoring the number of confirmed cases in the Upper Peninsula. If it is deemed necessary to escalate to a level five, your organization will be required to cease work and leave the area until the Council deems it is safe to resume work. Please send a response along with a social distancing plan to confirm that your firm agrees and understands that your firm will be required to follow the Executive Orders adopted by the Executive Council, which includes increasing restrictions without prior notice to Finally, please feel free to contact me at (906) 322-7765, or via email with any questions you may have.


Duane Bedell