Tony LeBlanc
Candidate for Secretary

Dear Tribal Members,

            Hi my name is Tony LeBlanc, and I am running for a seat on the council. Most of you know me for I have been a lifelong resident of Bay Mills. I’m running for council because I feel this tribe (council) is in need of a change. I have seen the ups and downs of this tribe over the years and for too long now this tribe has basically gone nowhere. Just to let you know I have never worked for Bay Mills and still don’t. My decision to run for the secretary seat is strictly to try and help this tribe out. Hopefully getting on the council with other new members can bring new ideas and strategies to help get us back on our feet. I’m an honest person who will give you an honest answer when asked. This tribe wasn’t built in a day and I don’t expect it to be fixed that fast either, but with new council members using new ideas and getting a grip on our current situation I feel we can get this tribe moving forward again.

            I ask for your support in the upcoming election.

            Thank you for your time.