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Bay Mills Social Services is expanding their department to create efficient and quality services for the families of the Bay Mills Indian Community. Social workers build bridges to resources that support the needs of our families. According to Social Services Director Amy Perron,  it takes a compassionate and strong individual to become a social worker and it takes a community to raise a child.

Perron added that BMIC has no shortage of strong, compassionate people who are invested in their community. She encourages tribal members to apply for positions of service and step up to make a difference for children and families. 

"Bay Mills Indian Community has raised their precious children together here in the Place of Pike for centuries. The mission of the Bay Mills Social Services is to always strive to keep our families together here in our community by using traditional and supportive services. This is what we do and what we have always done. Please consider being part of our team."

OPEN POSITIONS: Case Supervisor; Prevention/Protective Services Worker; and Visitation Coach. View the jobs descriptions and application information here. 
  • For Questions please contact Bay Mills Human Resource Department Recruiter Erin Forrester at
Other important updates:

Protective Services

The mission of Bay Mills Indian Community Protective Services Program is to assure children and adults are protected from physical/emotional harm. When parents and other responsible adults fail, and individuals are harmed or at risk that warrants intervention, Protective Services intervenes to assist in protecting the welfare of those involved. By law, the program has the responsibility to receive and respond to any complaint of abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or exploitation, maltreatment, or improper custody. 

Foster Care options

  • Long Term Care is geared toward the Foster Parent who wants to adopt permanently.
  • Short Term Care is geared to the Foster Parents who want to help a child in need of care and give them a safe place to live until they can ultimately be reunited with their parents.  

Both programs abide by Bay Mills Indian Community Ordinance IV which outlines Tribal Foster Care Licensing procedures.  


Commodity Food Program

Daycare Licensing

  • Open your own Day Care Business in the Bay Mills Indian Community. If you are interested in running your own Day Care Service from the comfort of your own home, please contact Bay Mills Social Services at (906) 248-8303 for more information. Families who meet 130% of the poverty guideline may be eligible for state Day Care funding if your child attends a licensed Day Care. Please contact Director Amy Perron for more details at 12909 W. Lakeshore Drive. Remember, Day Care Centers are the highest needed business in Michigan! Same is true for our beautiful Bay Mills!

General Assistance Program

  • A program that provides cash assistance to the unemployed as well as provides self sufficiency support. You must be a member of the Bay Mills Indian Community and have experienced unemployment/no income for 60 consecutive days. Contact 906-248-2527.

Utility Assistance Program

  • If you are struggling to pay your utility bills, facing shut off notices for heat or electricity, Kris Schwiderson or Jason Parker at 906-248-2527 to schedule an appointment to assess your needs and complete support applications.

Mandated Reporter Training

  • If you are required by law to report suspected abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults, then you are a mandated reporter. Social Services offers free training and resources on the who, what, when, where and how to report. Contact (906) 248-8303. 

Emergency Food Pantry

  • Everybody needs a little help sometime! A no questions asked program. If you are in need of food and reside in the Bay Mills Indian Community. Pantry is located at Waishkey Center, 12099 W.Lakeshore Dr. Please contact Social Services at (906) 248-8300.

Parenting Coach Program

  • Bay Mills Social Services provides a Parenting Coach Service to provide a parenting education curriculum that is suited for the specific needs of parents. Watch for upcoming community Parenting Education events. For more information contact (906) 248-8303.

Social Services Visitation Center

  • A program that provides a safe environment for family visitation and activities. Contact Tribal Foster Care Program for questions regarding the Visitation Center at (906) 248-8308.


Amy Perron,

 (906) 248-8303 

Fax : (906) 248-8566 or


Bonnie Bator

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We've Moved!

 We are now Located in the Waishkey Building.

12909 W. Lakeshore Drive

After hours and on weekends use the Centralized Intake  number 1-855-444-3911.