Bay Mills Indian Community 2017 Election Information


  • Nov. 1: General Election

Any registered voter who will not be able to cast their ballot in person on Nov. 1 may request the Election Committee to issue them an absentee ballot. Such request may be made in person, by email at, by fax at (906)248-3283, or by mail and signed by the person requesting the ballot. In any case, the request must be made thirty-six (36) hours before the Election. Reason for requesting absentee ballot must be given, as absentee ballots are for individuals unable to vote in person. Direct your request to the Bay Mills Tribal Office at 12140 W. Lakeshore Dr., Brimley, MI 49715 Attn: Election Committee If there are any questions, please call the Tribal Office for more information. The telephone number is (906) 248-8100. Ask for Kathi Carrick or Andrea Kinney.