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Bay Mills Indian Community Justice Center

12449 W. Lakeshore Drive, Brimley

  • Chief Judge: Whitney Gravelle
  • Appellate Judges: Robert Passage, Josh Hudson, Tamara Munz


Bay Mills Tribal Court serves the needs of the community with criminal and civil cases. All tribal court judges are elected to office. Cases heard include: divorce, custody and support; paternity; Indian Child Welfare Cases; money collection; juvenile and tort; probate; landlord-tenant cases.

Territorial Jurisdiction

 The tribal court exercises civil and criminal jurisdiction over its reservation which consists of 2,000 acres in Chippewa County, Michigan. Jurisdiction is also exercised regarding commercial and subsistence natural resource harvesting activities of enrolled members of the Bay Mills Indian Community within the 1836 Treaty ceded territory.

                            Court Facilities

Tribal court facilities include a courtroom, jury deliberation room, judge's chambers, clerk's office, and law library. The law library contains both primary and and secondary legal authorities regarding Tribal, state, and federal matters. Case and docket management is fully computerized.

   Requirements to Practice in Tribal Court

      To be admitted to practice before the Tribal Court, attorneys must provide proof of membership in good standing in the State Bar of their state of residence. Also, a court advocate (who is a member of the State Bar of Michigan) is available to be appointed to represent defendants charged with violating either major civil infractions or criminal offenses. Finally, lay advocates are admitted at the court's discretion.

Tribal Laws and Procedures

Tribal Constitution, Tribal Court Code (Chapters I-XVII), Tribal Ordinances, and Tribal Hunting and Fishing Regulations based on U.S. District Court Consent Decree (including amendments and emergency orders). Federal Statutes, Regulations, and case law (as may be applicable).


Denise Parish, Deputy Clerk 906-248-8810

Phyllis Kinney, Court Administrator 906-248-8811

Carol S. Andary, Tribal Prosecutor 906-248-8814

Tribal Court Code

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