Joann LeBlanc
Candidate for Vice Chair

My name is Joann LeBlanc and I am on the ballot for Vice Chairperson. What inspired me to do so was a quote “To be a voice for the generations to come and those who came before”. I have been working for the Tribe for over 25 years, most of which has been in the health field. I have seen the needs of our people on many levels so I feel confident that I am a good resource for our community. Here is some personal information for the record for those who those may not know me. I am married to Sonny (Albert) LeBlanc for 43 years; my children are Christel LeBlanc, Albert LeBlanc III, Camie Leapley, Marcella Lyons and Ian LeBlanc. I have 14 grandchildren, and 1 great grandbaby. My parents were Bernard and Catherine Shaw both are deceased and are my angels. My deceased sister and brother; Pat Easton and Clifford Shaw, my angels also. I have one living sister, Christine LeBlanc.

I believe there are always two sides to every discussion, and I am a very good listener and will always give an honest answer. I also am not going to make any promises that I cannot keep. However, there is one promise I will make and that is to help try and make our community what it can be. And that someday can hopefully be described as a great community. At some point in time we have to tackle walking down that road of change and not get stuck. As I look at our community now, we seem to be separated and there is a lack of communication. We truly need to start trying to bring balance back into our lives so it can be lived and balance out in the community.

My plan and strategy for this campaign is simple. I am not going door to door and handing out materials. I am not going to start frequenting places that I have not in many years to get you to vote for me. Every member in this community has a voice and I am able and ready to listen. I will end with another quote of mine that I think fits in with my campaign strategy; “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”