Randy Touchtone
Candidate for Vice Chairman

            I’ve lived in Bay Mills all of my life. I’m asking for your support in the upcoming election, I have a lot to offer, ideas on how to save money and work toward a sound financial plan.

            Right now I feel this Council has forgotten that they work for the community as a whole. I don’t see where they have come up with a sound financial plan to help us get of the debt we are currently in. The Council has overlooked a very useful & intelligent resource within the Tribe US. Have they asked the employees, (not managers), what they feel would help or make things better? No, I think asking the employees would really help considering they are the ones on the front line daily.         

There was a question asked “How can someone work for the Tribe and only make $13/hr.” That’s a good question considering there have been 3 new positions created in the last 2 years that are high paying positions. They have added these positions to the payroll adding to our financial burden, because I have not seen where they have helped us so far. When question about the financial situation, or anything for that matter you will most likely hear “I’ll look into that and get back to you”, or “Well the previous council left a mess for us to clean up, it will take some time.” I invite anyone to take a look at the pictures hanging in the Resort hallway; the majority of THIS council IS the previous council. My opinion is if your boat is sinking you must first patch the holes before adding more weight. After a few years there should’ve been some kind of improvement not regression.

            I think we can overcome the problems we are facing, but it will take careful spending, and hard decisions will have to be made. Personally I don’t feel this council is up to the challenge, as they have displayed these past 2 years.

            If elected I will bring honesty and integrity to the council. I’ll listen to your questions and concerns and give you a straight answer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at randytouchtone@yahoo.com or by calling 906-440-8678. Once again I’d like to ask for your support in the upcoming election. Help me help OUR tribe.