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A page has been set up with access to prior GTC and Executive Council meeting minutes.  You can find this tab under member resources above in the menu. You can obtain the password and username  to this section of the website by calling tribal administration at 906-248-3241 during regular business hours. You will be asked to provide information to verify your identity before receiving the password. 

BMIC partners with LSSU for Native Showcase

Bay Mills Indian Community is proud to announce our partnership with Lake Superior State University​ for the inaugural  Native Showcase at LSSU Laker Week!   Come out and join us in a celebration of Anishinaabe culture with drumming, dancing, and food tasting!  Dancers and Drums include: Tyler Bedell (Grass), Winnona Thomson (Fancy Shawl), Carrie Lillian Gaskin​ (Jingle), Tyrone Shawana​ (Fancy Feather), Catherine DeVoy​ (Traditional), Mission Krik Drum, and the White Buffalo Cloud Drum.   There will also be a food tasting provided by the Boys and Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley​ that is open to the public! Come join us and try delicious smoked whitefish, wild rice salad, three sister mash, blueberry dessert, and so much more!  The LSSU Laker Week - Native Showcase will take place Wednesday Aug. 21 from 2 p.m. to  4 p.m. at Pleger Commons on LSSU Campus. Rain or shine, it's Anishinaabe time!

NOTICE: Bear on the reservation

Bay Mills is experiencing an issue with a nuisance bear in the Red Pine subdivision.  Other areas may be experiencing this issue as well. The Conservation Department is setting a trap for the bear so that it can be relocated.  The bear has demonstrated that it can survive on its own, so it can be released in a remote location. While we are experiencing this issue and while we are attempting to the trap the bear, please:

- Remove all bird feeders from yards

- Do not leave trash/garbage bags outside and unattended

- Do not dispose of food waste, food products, or meat scraps (fish remains) in this area.  Please use garbage dumpsters.

In addition, because a trap will be set we also ask that you:

-  Stay off any trails in the Red Pine subdivision area

-  Do not look for the trap.  Human visits to the trap site will discourage the bear from entering the trap. -        Keep all pets on leashes, in a fenced yard, or in the house at all times

-  Do not attempt to harass or “push” the bear into the area where you think the trap may be set.

If you have any questions, please contact Conservation at (906)248-8645

>>>Read the Aug. 8 Weekly Tribal Update here<<<



BMIC has a new cardboard compactor available for use

Have you heard the news? Recycling cardboard just got a whole lot easier! Bay Mills Maintenance Department is now accepting all corrugated cardboard from both tribal and non-tribal folks free of charge! You can feel twice as good about recycling with Bay Mills because your cardboard supports other maintenance and waste management efforts at BMIC!   Drop off your cardboard in the white garage behind the BMIC trash compactor. Open same hours as the trash compactor.   For more information contact 906-248-8154.

Notice – Bay Mills area residents about coyotes
Bay Mills is experiencing an issue with a nuisance coyote in the following areas: Wolf Ave., Crane Rd., Turtle Drive, and Red Pine Lane.  Other areas may be experiencing this issue as well. 
·         Do not feed wild animals (exception: bird feeders)
·         Do not leave trash/garbage bags outside and unattended
·         Do not dispose of food waste, food products, or meat scraps (fish remains) in these areas.  Please use the garbage dumpsters.
Traps will be set in some of the problem areas.  The traps will be checked routinely. 
·         Please stay off the trails that are near the housing areas of Wolf Avenue, Crane Road, and Turtle Drive.
·         Signs will be posted in the areas that traps are set (trails, vacant lots, etc)
·         Keep all pets on leashes and in your yard at all times
·         Do not walk on the trails or vacant lots that are posted with a sign that indicates traps are in the area

Check out the online anonymous suggestion box
Bay Mills Executive Council has launched “Suggestion Ox,” an online tool that allows tribal members to provide feedback to the council on an anonymous basis. You can submit you comments/ suggestions online (see the upper right corner of this page) using the suggestion box provided. Please refrain from profanity or accusations. This suggestion box (above left) is designed to answer community questions and keep the lines of communication open between the community and the leadership. This can be found under “Member Resources,” located on this web page. (You can obtain the password to this section of the website by calling tribal administration at 906-248-3241.)

Did you know about the text message service for health appointments?
Bay Mills Health Center patients can now get appointment reminders via text messaging. This text messaging reminder system allows patients to receive text messages instead of phone call reminders. Patients can respond confirming, rescheduling or canceling appointments with a short text message response. To enroll simply complete a text message opt in/out form at your next appointment or print it out and return it to the health center. You will continue to receive phone calls and you will not receive text message appointment reminders until a form is received back.

Reminder About Lunch Program It is required that we follow the Administration on Aging (AoA) Title VI Nutrition Services (Elder Lunch Program) established guidelines. This is a reminder that we must deliver lunches to only those Elders eligible under the program and follow the safety standards for home delivered meals. As stated in the Title VI Resource Manual: Elders should only be on the home delivered meal program if they are unable to leave their homes without great difficulty due to illness, disability or general frailty, and have a physicians  signature and statement on file. Delivered meals will not be left at the home if the participant is not there. Congregate lunch meals are served at noon at the Armella Parker Elders Center on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Breakfast is offered on Friday mornings (9 a.m.  to 10:30 a.m.). We encourage all elders to attend.

Social Services in need of foster homes
Native American foster homes are needed. For more information on how to become a foster home, call Bay Mills Social Services at 906-248-8303.



Tribal Member Updates
Interested in receiving the tribal member update via newsletter each week? Send an e-mail to with "Tribal Subscriber" in the subject line. Every Thursday morning you will receive the update of events and news pertaining to Bay Mills Indian Community. If you have signed up for the update and not received it, please check your "Junk" or "Spam" filters.

License Plate Hours
If you need to renew or acquire tribal license plates you can do so at the tribal administration building Mon- Thurs., 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Fridays until noon.

Notice to tribal members regarding tax exemption
If you are State Tax exempt and enrollment does not have your social security number on file, you are not listed on the tax exemption list that goes out monthly. As a result, you will have your return  rejected from the State when you file.  Please contact Phyllis Malloy in enrollment to update your information.

Sales Tax Exemption information
The Accounting Department no longer processes Tribal Certificates of Exemption for Sales Tax and Use Tax for tribal members living in the Agreement Area or vehicle registrations for tribal members living on the reservation.   Those in need of a Sales Tax Exemption form when building or remodeling a home, or buying a mobile home, car, van, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile or off-road vehicle after can obtain the form from the Tribal Center receptionist. The Exemption Certificate must be received before the paperwork for the purchase has been completed. A refund for Sales Tax cannot be given after the sale has been processed. Those needing to renew, transfer or obtain vehicle registration for a vehicle or trailer also must go to the Tribal Center receptionist. You must be residing on the reservation to be in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Registration Ordinance.


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