Guidelines for Candidate Profiles for Bay Mills News: Profile deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 4 p.m. and letter/profile will appear in the Oct. 15 issue, before the primary election, which takes place Oct. 21. Letters are to be no more than 400 words. If they go over 400 words, they will be cut off at the 400-word mark. Any slanderous comments will not be printed. Letters will not be edited, so be careful with your spelling and grammar. You may submit a photo to go with the letter if you wish. Send the photo as a jpeg to with "election profile" in the subject line. All letters must include a phone number for the candidate so we can verify the submission.

Get your absentee ballots requests in now!
Anyone needing an absentee ballot is being encouraged to send their request in early. You will need to note which election you are requesting for, primary, general, or both, and the reason you need a ballot must also be included.  Requests can be sent to: Election Committee, 12140 W. Lakeshore Drive, Brimley MI 49715

Job listings

Monthly  Meetings Scheduled

Bay Mills Executive Council will hold meetings each month in the Horizons Conference Center from 6 to 9 p.m on the following dates:

  • Oct. 20  - Regular General Tribal Council

Having an issue with coyotes in the neighborhood?
 Here are some guides to safely "haze" the animal:

— HSUS recommendations
— Project Coyote Guide
Reminder about the Education Incentive Program

In order to qualify for the Higher Education Incentive Program, you will need to submit to the Education Department the following information:   
  •     Fill out a program application
  •     Read, sign, and turn in the policy guidelines
  •     Submit a copy of your Student Aid Report from your FAFSA for the 2015/2016 school year.
  •     Fill out the Financial Need form
  •     Turn in acceptance letter from college/university
  •     Turn in class schedule
  •     Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver form (turn into Phyllis Malloy)

 All necessary forms can be picked up in the Education Department located in the Tribal Office.

2015/16  Flu Season Clinics    
  • Oct. 7, 2015  12 to 6PM at Bay Mills Resort & Casino - Adults only. Free for tribal members/employees, Medicare–B & Medicaid insured.
  • Oct. 14:   3 to 6 PM at Bay Mills Health Center. Free for tribal members/employees, Medicare–B & Medicaid insured.
  •  Oct. 21:   2 to 6 PM  at Bay Mills Health Center.Free for tribal members/employees, Medicare–B & Medicaid insured.
  • Oct. 28:  2 to 6 PM  at Bay Mills Health Center. Free for tribal members/employees, Medicare –B & Medicaid insured.
  • Nov. 4:   2 to 6 PM at Bay Mills Health Center. Free for tribal members/employees, Medicare–B & Medicaid insured.
  • Dec. 2   2 to 6 PM at Bay Mills Health Center. Free for tribal members/employees, Medicare–B & Medicaid insured.


NOTE:  Wear short sleeves.  All people 6 months of age and older should get the flu vaccine.  Vaccination is especially important for people at higher risk of severe influenza and their close contacts, including health care personnel and close contacts of children younger than 6 months.   

   Bring your insurance card with you.

Flu shots are free for employees.  Tribal members are free but are required to bring insurance information for billing.  Nontribal persons insurance will be billed.  If nontribal & no insurance there will be a discounted rate of $39.00 for paying at the time of service. 


Rummage & Bake Sale: Filled Scones/Indian Tacos

Saturday, October 10- 9  a.m. to  6 p.m. @ Bay Mills Senior Center.  Proceeds will go  to the 2016 - 25th Annual “Honoring Our Veterans” Competition Pow Wow fund. The group is also seeking donations of rummage sale items or Bake sale items, please contact Angie Johnson at 248-8527  or ext.  8527.

GLIFWC will be sponsoring a HACCP Seafood Safety class in partnership with MSU Sea Grant

Dec. 8-10 @ Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Casino in Baraga, Michigan

Participants must attend all three days to obtain the HACCP certificate and have their travel costs reimbursed by GLIFWC

Registration Deadline:  Nov. 30

Contact Ron Kinnunen at MSU SeaGrant at 906-226-3687

Download the application here

Hotel Deadline: GLIFWC as soon as possible if you are interested in participating in the HACCP class and obtaining a hotel reservation. You must finalize all travel arrangements with GLIFWC by Nov. 30 

Contact Zoongee Leith, GLIFWC Planning/ANA Secretary at 715-682-6619.

Lake Superior Tribal Commercial Fishermen: GLIFWC will provide hotel rooms and pay the $115 HACCP Registration fee (i.e. book and copy costs) for any Lake Superior commercial fisherman licensed by Red Cliff, Bad River, Keweenaw Bay or Bay Mills. After participants complete the three day class, they will sign a GLIFWC travel form for food and mileage reimbursement based on Federal GSA rates. Food and mileage reimbursements will be mailed to participants after processing by the GLIFWC’s accounting office.

Family members of tribal fishermen currently working in family fish shops: GLIFWC will provide hotel rooms and pay the $115 HACCP Registration fee (i.e. book and copy costs) for adult family members of any Red Cliff, Bad River, Keweenaw Bay or Bay Mills licensed fisherman currently working at a family's fish shop. After participants complete the three day class, they will sign a GLIFWC travel form for food and mileage reimbursement based on GSA rates. Food and mileage reimbursements will be mailed to participants after processing by the GLIFWC’s accounting office.  

Enrolled members of GLIFWC tribes: GLIFWC will provide hotel rooms and pay the $115 HACCP Registration fee (i.e. book and copy costs) for any enrolled member from any GLIFWC member tribe willing to complete the three days of Seafood safety training (i.e. enrolled members of Fond du Lac, Mille Lacs, Red Cliff, Bad River, St. Croix, Lac Courte Oreilles, Lac du Flambeau, Sokaogan Chippewa, Lac Vieux Desert, Keweenaw Bay or Bay Mills). This includes subsistence fishermen interested in learning how to safety handle, process and preserve fish water fish including freezing and smoking techniques. 

Tribal fisheries and conservation enforcement staff: GLIFWC will also cover the cost of registration for tribal fisheries and conservation staff of GLIFWC member tribes wishing to attend this workshop. If monies are left unspent in the budget after reimbursement of tribal fishermen and members, tribal employee staff costs will be covered.

Extended clinic hours announced

Beginning Monday, Aug. 3, the Bay Mills Medical Clinic will be going to 10 hour days.  The hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday  to Friday.  Lunch hour appointments will be available also.  At this time it is the medical clinic only.  This does not include Pharmacy, Lab and Dental, which will continue at their current hours of operation.  All other programs will operate at their current hours as well. 

Appointment times will begin at 7:45 a.m. and end at 5:15 p.m.  Please call the health center at 248-5527 to schedule an appointment.


Armella B. Parker Elder’s Center  rate changes for reservations

Rental rates are:

Weddings --------------$300 - you clean get $100 back

Graduations ----------$150 - you clean get $50 back

Baby Showers -------$150 - you clean get $50 back

Birthdays ---------------$150 - you clean get $50 back

Fundraisers -----------$150 - you clean get $50 back

Birthday parties for Bay Mills Elders 80 years and above-free.

Beginning Aug. 1, 2015 if you wish to preserve dates for future events a $50 deposit is now required. The $50 dollars will go towards the rental fee if Center is utilized. If the event is canceled; deposit is NOT RETURNED. To reserve, call Paula Carrick at 906-248-8458.



Farmer's Market opens July 30

Bay Mills/Brimley Farmer’s Market will be held from July 30 through Oct. 8, (Thursday)  4 to 7 p.m. in the  Bay Mills Resort and Casino parking lot.  The market is open to the public to purchase healthy home grown and/or unique natural produce along with Native American art from tribal members.  For more information on the Farmer’s Market please contact Angie Johnston at 906.248.8399 ( or Connie Watson 906.248.8363 (  This market is brought to you by the Wiisinidaa Mnomiijim “Let’s Eat Good Food” community coalition, Bay Mills Health Center, and Waishkey Bay Farm.

                             Indian Health Service is not health insurance
    Indian Health Service provides many services, but it may not cover all of your health care needs. There may be times when you need certain care that IHS does not provide or does not have the means to fund.
    New health insurance options can give you the peace of mind knowing you are covered. When you have insurance, you can still get care from your IHS, tribal, or urban Indian health care provider. Your Indian health provider can bill your new insurance for services, making more health care resources available for more people.    
    If you use IHS, a local tribal clinic, or an urban Indian program, and you do not want to buy health insurance, you need to apply for an IRS hardship exemption so you won’t have to pay a tax penalty. If you sign up for health insurance, you may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance.
    Questions? Contact your local IHS services- Angie: 906-248-8314; Shelly: 906-248-8318; or Dawn: 906-248-8326.




Beginning Tuesday, April 1 the Accounting Department will no longer process Tribal Certificates of Exemption for Sales Tax and Use Tax for tribal members living in the Agreement Area or Vehicle Registrations for tribal members living on the reservation.

            Those in need of a Sales Tax Exemption form when building or remodeling a home, or buying a mobile home, car, van, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile or off-road vehicle after April 1, can obtain the form from the Tribal Center receptionist. The Exemption Certificate must be received before the paperwork for the purchase has been completed. A refund for Sales Tax cannot be given after the sale has been processed.

            Those needing to renew, transfer or obtain vehicle registration for a vehicle or trailer also must go to the Tribal Center receptionist. You must be residing on the reservation to be in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Registration Ordinance.

Health care referral policy explained

 The Ellen Marshall Medical Clinic will strive to provide the best quality health care to each patient it serves. However, the referral policy for Bay Mills Indian Community members states that, when you come into the Ellen Marshall Clinic for Medical or Dental services and the clinics cannot provide the necessary services required for treatment, the tribal physicians can refer you to a specialist, in which case, a voucher and written referral must be obtained.

 In all cases, a voucher must be authorized for any and all referred visits prior to the date of services. Failure to obtain a voucher prior to the delivery of service may result in denial of payment by the CHS program.

Vouchers must be picked up from the CHS administrator and taken to the referred physician prior to or on the date of the appointment. Mailing vouchers to patients or providers is discouraged. All vouchers are good for one year or three to five visits, depending on diagnosis. Please keep your referrals current.

Health program transportation assistance policy

    Effective Sept. 9, 2013, Bay Mills Indian Health program will provide financial assistance to BMIC members traveling to medical or dental providers. The patient transportation system is broken into two categories, transportation and lodging assistance. Both are intended to assist, not reimburse, tribal members with costs of traveling to providers. Financial assistance for transportation and lodging is subject to availability of funding.
    Financial assistance for transportation will be provided on a flat rate, determined by the distance of the appointment: 50-75 miles, $20; 76-125 miles, $35; 126-200 miles, $50; 201-250 miles, $65; 251-300 miles, $80; 301-350 miles, $100; 351-450 miles, $120; 451 plus, $150.
    To be eligible, a patient must be a BMIC member or eligible for membership (CHS requirements); reside within Chippewa County; have an appointment for services not provided at Bay Mills Health Center; be referred to the specialist by a BMHC provider; submit documentation of appointment, including physician name and location, prior to the appointment.
    Lodging assistance in the amount of $50 per night may be provided for appointments requiring more than a one-night stay. To be eligible, lodging must be for patients only (family members staying overnight while patient is in hospital are not eligible for assistance); patient must be a BMIC member; patient must be an elder; patient must be receiving other federal, state or tribal assistance programs that are income-based, such as Medicaid, SSI, or GA and proof of assistance must be provided when applying.
    For more information, call Dawn LeBlanc at 906-248-8326

Contract Health announcement
The Contract Health Services budget is being monitored weekly, please call Dawn LeBlanc at 248-8326 to see what list of priorities CHS is currently paying for.

Bay Mills Water Quality Report Released

Bay Mills Indian Community’s Utility and Resource staff have released the drinking water quality report for the BMIC water system for 2012. The system never violated a maximum contaminant level or any water quality standard from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2012.

Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan performed the assessment and determined BMIC source water has a low-risk to contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency requires the tribe to test its water on a regular basis to ensure its safety. More than 80 contaminants were tested for and found to be “not detected.”  

The water comes from groundwater in three wells located on the reservation and is pumped from the ground back to the surface so that it can be distributed throughout the community and consumed. Groundwater benefits from the natural filtering that occurs as it travels through soil and rocks.

Utility and resource staff will update the report annually and inform the community of any problems that may occur. The entire report is available by clicking here. For more information, contact Mike Baragwanath at 906-248-8173 or 906-440-9227.

Enrollment Notice:
Please keep your address current with enrollment. This is important in maintaining contact with the membership. Seasonal residents are also being asked to make sure enrollment has your current address. To make address changes call Phyllis Malloy at 906-248-8342.