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Bay Mills Tribal Enrollment Dept.

Contact: Phyllis Malloy 906-248-8131

Located in the tribal administration building on Lakeshore Drive

In order to become eligible for membership consideration with Bay Mills, a completed application must be submitted along with the attached tree chart listing the applicant’s ancestor who is listed on the 1910 Durant Roll (to the best of your knowledge).  Also needed is a copy of the applicant’s state or county issued birth certificate, marriage license, a birth certificate or marriage license for applicant’s mother and/or father (whichever is the Native American parent), and a birth certificate, marriage license or death certificate for the applicant’s Native American grandparent(s), and/or any supporting documentation that would pertain to the applicants eligibility.

Once this information is submitted to the Enrollment Department, the application will be reviewed to see if there is enough information to determine if the enrollment process can be proceeded.  Determination for enrollment status is based upon the requirements of the Bay Mills Constitution and information provided by the applicant.  If further information is needed, the applicant will be notified at the address listed on the application form as to what also is needed.  

All applicants who wish to be considered for adoption under Section H of the Enrollment Application must provide a written reason for applying.  A copy of Enrollment Ordinance No. 2 is available upon request.  Enrollment Ordinance No. 2 explains the guidelines for adoption into membership in the Bay Mills Indian Community.

BMIC currently has 2,258 tribal citizens with 1,657 over the age of 18.

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