Bay Mills Commodities Program

12497 W. Lakeshore Drive

(906) 248-2527 or (906) 248-2528

Fax (906) 248-2529


For more information about the programs and income guidelines, contact; Kris Schwiderson or Jason Parker, 906-248-2527 or 906-248-2528 Fax: 906-248-2529   Email:

Commodity Foods: This program is to provide low-income families with quality, nutritious food on a monthly basis. Recipes and nutrition information are provided to each client. All foods are diabetic safe and heart friendly. Foods available include: meats, fresh produce, canned goods, juices, pasta, cheese, flour, and cereal.  This program works in conjunction with the USDA.   At least one person in the household must be a member of a federally recognized tribe or the household must be within the boundaries of the reservation.

All programs are income based and an application must be filled out.

Emergency Food Pantry: This program does not have any income guidelines and is open to all BMIC tribal members. You must set up an appointment, the pantry is located in the Armella B. Parker building.


Low Income Energy Assistance Program: This program provides low-income families with assistance paying their energy bill. A copy is made of the tribal card or picture ID, and Social Security cards for each member of the household. If a member of the household does not have a Social Security card, a birth certificate must be provided. Past 30 days income must be provided as well. If there is no income, you must fill out a “0” income form for each household member that is not a student or is over the age of 18 and is not working. Each household must provide a copy of an energy bill when applying. At least one person in the household must be a Bay Mills tribal member and live in the State of Michigan. This program works in conjunction with the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan.


Community Service Block Grant: This program is to provide low-income families with assistance in different areas. This program is a once year for three years eligible program. Emergency Food Assistance, Emergency Housing Assistance, Emergency Energy Assistance, Emergency Assistance to obtain prescriptions, Emergency Transportation for medical/dental services and Clothing for Foster Children are all part of this program.


School Clothing Assistance Program: The purpose of this program is to assist families in purchasing school clothing for tribal children attending Brimley Area Schools and Ojibwe Charter School.


Items which can be purchased with monies from this program are as follows: coats, boots, shirts, snow pants, shoes, sweatshirts, winter hats, pants, socks, gloves, skirts and underclothing. Items which CANNOT be purchased are as follows: baseball caps, dress hats, pajamas, backpacks, school supplies.

This program is income based and the custodial parent must be the one to apply for the program. All income must be provided from any person living in the household over the age of 18. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone falsely reporting income or not listing all people in the household could be required to reimburse the program for the amount awarded.

Income includes: pay stubs, rental income, SSI, SS statements of direct deposit, child support, GA, FIA, unemployment, workmen’s compensation, and payment from insurance companies. You must provide proof of residence ( a bill with name and address).

The custodial parent must provide proof of child(ren’s) enrollment with Bay Mills Indian Community (enrollment number or Picture ID card)