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Bay Mills Indian Community: Who We Are

 Tribal Organization:                     


  • IRA government formed in 1936.

  • Constitution enacted 1936.

  • Number of Council members-Government is by General Council composed of all tribal members 18 years of age or older. There are five members on the Executive Council who are officers of the Tribe and exercise powers delegated by the General Council.

  • Tribal Council Term of Office: two years.

  • Numbers of Tribal Citizens: 2,258

  • Number of voting citizens: 1,657 18 years and older.


Judicial Organization

Court's Source of Power: The judicial branch is established by Tribal Ordinance. Subject Matter Jurisdiction: Criminal, general civil (by ordinance); Examples are: child protection; family law, collection of child support; election; and, conservation. Personal Jurisdiction: those with tribal interactions. The trial court has one trial judge, one administrator and two clerks. The trial judge is elected for a six year term. There are no term limits for judges. The appellate court consists of three judges who are also elected for staggered terms of six years. All judges are tribal members.


Inter-Governmental Agreements:


  • Agreement with the Chippewa County Department of Social Services for emergency child welfare cases.

  • Law Enforcement Agreement between the Bay Mills Indian Community and the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department.

  • LEIN Agreement with the State of Michigan.

  • Agreement with the State of Michigan recognizing Tribe's issuance of motor vehicle license plates.

  • Tribal-State Tax Agreement with the State of Michigan.

  • The Tribe also accepts and prosecutes alleged violations of the Chippewa-Ottawa Resource Authority Treaty Fishing Regulations referred to them by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, other tribes, and other state law enforcement agencies.


CONTACT US: Phone 906.248.3241      °          Fax 906.248.3283         °          12140 W. Lakeshore Drive,     Brimley MI    49715

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