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Forests of Bay Mills 

Bay Mills has 1800 acres of undeveloped forest in trust, much of which is healthy forested wetlands. The Bay Mills Biological Services Department strives to enhance, protect, and restore fish, wildlife, and plant communities and water bodies. Staff participate in research and monitoring of these forested lands. They may also undertake small projects such as tree planting. 


Bay Mills Indian Community has many planning documents which provide a road map of how to reach management goals.  Forest management plans guide the activities of staff, but also help a community pursue grants. A forest management plan identifies challenges or difficulties which these forests may be facing, such as emerald ash borer. This plan also identifies community priorities, such as gathering wild edibles, hunting, paddling, and other cultural practices.  Below are the planning documents for BMIC forest management.

2023 Forest Management Plan [draft plan]

2023 Forest Management Plan Appendices [draft plan]

• Climate Vulnerability Assessment Report by ITC  [report] [appendix B] [appendix C]

2012 Wetland Management Plan (ITC)

• 1997 Forest Inventory Analysis Report 

Sugar Island area

Spectacle Lake area




















Gumshoes/North Pond

Wetland Preserve area



















Chief Hardwoods/Plantation area



















South Plantation area














Little Waishkey headwaters area


Brimley Farms area

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