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Biological Services Department
A watershed plan is a strategy and a work plan for achieving water resource goals that provides assessment and management information for a watershed. It includes the analyses, actions, participants, and resources related to development and implementation of the plan. The primary purpose of the Waishkey River Watershed Management Plan is to guide watershed coordinators, resource managers, policy makers, and community organizations to restore and protect the quality of ponds, rivers, streams, and wetlands in the Waishkey watershed. The plan is intended to be a practical tool with specific recommendations on practices to improve and sustain water quality. The Waishkey River Watershed Management Plan is currently under development with cooperation from BMIC, USFS. MDNR, MDEQ, CCHD, CLMCD, LSSU, ITC, BMCC, CORA,  and Superior township. This is a “living document”, meaning that as conditions change over time in a watershed, the plan will be reexamined and revised to reflect goals that have been achieved or not met. Together, we can make the Waishkey River Watershed the best it can be!


A draft of the Waishkey River watershed management plan has been completed . Select the links below to view the draft plan and associated appendices.


Questions on the Watershed Management plan may be directed to Aubrey Maccoux-LeDuc, subject: Waishkey River Plan at or the Biological Services Dept. at 11801 Plantation Road, Brimley MI 49715


The project has been made possible by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and US Environmental Protection Agency.
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